You want to know how long it'll take to see a Second Avenue Subway? The MTA says it is confident of getting all the funding needed, after the Transportation Bond Act's contribution of $450 million for the project, for a Second Avenue subway to open in 2012. However, it would only reach from 63 Street to 96th Street! At a cost of $3.8 billion, that's a little more than $115 million per block (update: we realized our division was off!). Okay, there's supposed to be a connection to the F, too, but, man, that is a lot of coin and a lot of time, given that we'd expect it open up in 2009 instead (remember back in 2004, when the MTA said they would start construction on it later in the year?). Newsday has more details about the funding, plus a great quote from MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow: "This is the public saying to the MTA, 'We trust you with a billion and a half dollars, we think you are going to use that money wisely, spend it correctly,' and these are the things that make my job worthwhile." Mr. Kalikow, here are millions of New Yorkers watching how your agency spends that money - seriously, don't screw this up.

Visit the MTA's site about the Second Avenue Subway, an East Side dream that has been around since 1929. Gothamist on the the Second Avenue Subway, plus our post yesterday that got everyone commenting.