Proposed T Line station

The expectation is that the MTA will approve that RFPs for the Second Avenue Subway can be issued tomorrow. In other words, the call to construction for the first phase of the project will go out, making the new T line a very real possibility. NY1 has theabout the project: MTA board member Barry Feinstein said, “We were building the Second Avenue subway before. It didn't get built because they ran out of money, or the money was not continued to be made available. But hopefully that will not be the case this time." Hopefully? Please, MTA, it's gotta be more than hopefully when you start to rip up parts of Second Avenue. Try not to cook the books and screw it up, okay?

The new line's cost will be about $16.8 billion dollars, with $3.8 billion of it for the first segment, between 96th and 63rd Streets. The Times notes that the first segment of the line would benefit the most riders immediately - 202,000 - while the whole line would expect to carry just over half a million riders a day. The Post reports on what the new station will be like - "sleek, brightly lit stations equipped with climate-control ventilation and built with no columns along the platform." MTA Capital Construction president Mysore Nagaraja said, "These will be 21st century stations. There will be no columns, which will provide for better circulation of riders [on and off trains]." Besides Gothamist wondering if there would be anything besides a 21st century station in 2005, Gothamist has to agree that a columnless subway platform would be easier. Think the London Underground, DC Metro, or Hong Kong MTR.

Related subway-wise: The Times looked at the terrorism training MTA employees are going through: A manual suggest, "Keeping customers informed of the problem, using a clear, authoritative voice and timely announcements will help keep panic to a minimum."

The MTA on the Second Avenue Subway and Gothamist's posts on the SAS.