Earlier this year it was reported that the Second Avenue line, which was proposed 100 years ago and whose construction has spanned what feels like most of human history, could miss its latest projected opening date of December 2016. Back in July, an engineer told to the MTA that there was a good chance the Second Avenue line wouldn't open in December without a revised schedule that sped up a series of unfinished system tests. Well, surprise: now the MTA isn't so sure about that December opening date, after all.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised though, since any day the sun rises, the Second Avenue subway is probably missing or in danger of missing another deadline. This potential delay is because the elevators and escalators at the 72nd Street station won't be tested until late November, according to NBC. So, if there's anything wrong with them, fixing the problem would delay the opening of the line. Again.

The MTA could decide to just open the 63rd, 86th and 96th Street stations without the 72nd Street station, but MTA briefing materials NBC shared show that progress on the elevators and escalators at the 86th Street station also needs to improve for the station to be ready. So, for everyone who put money on "cosmic death" coming for you before a train at 2nd Avenue and 63rd Street ever would, you haven't lost yet.

Still, there's hope!