For what seems like the first time in Second Avenue Subway history, something actually got completed! Over the weekend, the awesome Tunnel Boring Machine completed the west tunnel for the Second Avenue Subway after mining over 7,200 feet beginning in May 2010. And now, it gets to do it all over again. The MTA says, "The TBM will now be disassembled and pulled back to 92nd Street where it will start its second run to mine the east tunnel in the spring."

Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway, which will provide service from 96th Street to 63rd Street as an extension of the Q train, is slated for completion in December 2016. It will also create ADA accessible stations at 96th, 86th and 72nd Streets, and new entrances to the existing Lexington Ave/63 Street Station. So anyone not loving the schlep from Avenue C to Astor Place still has a bit of a wait.