2005_11_subway2012t.jpgAfter reading about the impending trials for actually doing what the Transportation Bond will give the MTA to do (the Second Avenue Subway, the LIRR link between Penn Station and Gand Central), Gothamist has a great idea. It's all about taking one, grandiose failure and pairing it up with an impossible dream: NYC 2012 Olympic bid swag, meet the Second Avenue Subway. Since there must be tons of crap laying around in a Bronx warehouse we lost out back in July and since a lot of subways and buses haven't taken off the NYC 2012 decal, why not slap a couple other stickers on it to update it? The first segment of the Second Avenue Subway is supposed to be completed by 2012 (though many think it won't be ready until 2015), so it makes sense to turn your lame-o Olympic bid logo into a nifty call for the T line! Are you down?

Gothamist on the NYC 2012 bid. And we hope that some Australian news station picks this up.