Since the MTA is close to signing a contract for the first phase of work for the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway (the T line), we were perusing MTA's presentation to Community Board 8 about the "Constructability Approach."

The presentation was given last June, with hopes a slurry wall and a 96th Street "Launch Box" could be built by the end of 2006; since that never happened, the timelines are negligible. But what was interesting were the details about the construction and impacts the first phase could pose. We're included them below and after the jump (read the part about rodents!). Oh, and the image at top shows building monitoring devices - folks on the Upper East Side may be seeing a lot of those.

Construction Activity and Work Hours

Surface Work for Launch Box:
- 2 shifts, 5 days/week: 7AM to 10PM
- 1 shift Saturday: 10AM to 7PM
Underground work:
- 3 shifts, 7 days/week

Trucking & deliveries:
- 2 shifts, 5 days/week: 7AM to 10PM
- Some night deliveries for large equipment
- 1 shift Saturday: 10AM to 7PM

Impact and Mitigations

- Traffic monitoring program
- Maintain 4 lanes through construction zones
- Keep cross street open (12 foot lane)
- Relocate bus stops to outside of construction zones

- Minimum 7 foot wide sidewalks

Local Access:
- Maintain pedestrian access to all buildings
- Maintain emergency vehicle access at all times
- Maintain special zones for deliveries
- Provide areas for garbage disposal for residential & commercial purposes

Noise & Vibration:
- Meet FEIS commitments
- Comply with NYC DEP noise limits
- Noise & vibration monitoring plan
- Dampers on equipment
- Limit noise to 5 decibels above existing ambient noise levels

Vector Control (Rodents)
- Vector control plan to cover 1000 foot wide area
- Licensed Pesticide Applicator required

Dust & Air Quality
- Air Quality Monitoring Plan
- Low sulfur fuels, 3 minute idling time Clean trucks
- Streets and wet down dusts

Settlement Or Movement
- Install Instrumentation and constant monitoring to ensure no damage to buildings & property