Another week, another batch of stories about the Second Avenue Subway construction work ruining the lives of Upper East Side residents (and their dogs). The first phase will be done in 2016, but the big blasting is supposed to be done by the middle of the summer. Which is probably not much of a comfort to unhappy residents along the construction route.

Rich people in historic townhouses on East 60th through East 63rd Street are freaking out. Watch this video to see the blasting in a fancy marble-tiled kitchen—one homeowner worries about objects falling on children.

Also, East 72nd Street residents say the drilling is keeping them up at night, prompting the MTA to consider visiting the apartments at night. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told DNAinfo that the MTA tried to move the drilling to the daytime but that is only "partially effective" because since blasting is between 3 and 7 p.m., the drilling prep time has to occur at night.

On the upside, rents near the construction zone are cheaper! One woman who is paying $1,450 for a studio that would go for $1,800 elsewhere says, "I would stay here forever if I could."

Here's video of some 2010 blasting: