That City Councilman Peter Vallone! Back in 2003, he proposd a bill to study NYC's secession from NY State. But nothing happened. And nothing happened in 2004 (he didn't reintroduce it in 2005, maybe he had graffiti to fight), but no matter, the Queens councilman reintroduced the bill last week. And at the core, the idea of secession makes emotional sense, as the city shoulders a lot of the NY State tax burden (look at these charts) and Governor Pataki never does anything for NYC. But it would never happen, so is proposing a bill to study secession really a good use of money? Gothamist would love to see that study, but, hey, we've got the evidence we need.

Former Mayor Ed Koch tells AM New York, "It's a waste of time and money. The city doesn't have the right to secede nor should it, in my judgment." Legislastive Gazette publisher Alan Chartlock says, "It does make a point that there is a continual struggle between New York City and upstate regions... Everyone knows it ain't ever going to happen. ... [Vallone] does it because he knows he is going to get his puss in the paper." No way!

Wikipedia's entry on New York City secession shows it's been an issue since the 1700's - and did you know that Richmond County (Staten Island) threatened to secede to New Jersey?

Image of a separated downtown Manhattan from Magic Propaganda Mill