Photo by Rachel Pincus/Gothamist

Last week we spotted the "seatless subway"—furnished with seats that easily flip-up during busy rush hour commutes to create room for more straphangers. You know, so we can work our way towards being more like Japan. At the time, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Deirdre Parker, told us that they were brought in for a test, but the "seats are locked in the down position and will remain that way. There is no plan at this point to run those cars in the up position." So there we have it, human cattle cars are not in our future.

In case you had any doubt, the Daily News now confirms that the seats will remain in a down position; a transit official told them, "People are already feeling they're paying more for less. I don't know that a train like that, even though the idea was to increase capacity, was something that the public would have embraced. We're not going down that road."

A rep on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board says if the plan did roll out to all the trains, "there would have been civil disobedience. I think people would have brought bolt cutters and unlocked the seats." However, similar subway cars have been introduced in Boston and allegedly there have been no complaints or reports of civil disobedience... and they're way more uncivilized than us!