The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a 30-year-old Brooklyn resident who went missing in the Long Island Sound near Larchmont, NY. Eoin Curran had been training on a sailboat on Sunday afternoon when the boat "reportedly listed 90 degrees due to heavy winds from the squall." He and an instructor fell off the boat.

The instructor was able to get back aboard and a flotation device was thrown to Curran, who was not wearing a life jacket. But Curran did not emerge (the flotation device was recovered).

Curran, a programmer for Google, had moved to New York City recently. A roommate told the Daily News, "We met in Ireland a few years ago. I moved here to New York and he wanted to come to America. He's the nicest person I've ever known," adding,"That lesson was his first time. He was having some fun and relaxing."