Local, state and federal authorities are looking for 24-year-old Annie Le, a graduate student last seen at a Yale research building in New Haven, Connecticut. While there are reports that her bloody clothes were found above a ceiling tile in the building and her body was even found in the building, FBI special agent Kimberly Mertz said, "We are not in a position today to conclude whether this is a missing persons case or whether criminality is involved... I will categorically say a body has not been found," adding, "Items that could potentially be evidence has been seized," but said they had not yet been associated to the pharmacology doctoral student. Le, whose credit card, purse and cell phone were left in her office a few blocks away, was to be married tomorrow at North Ritz Club in Syosset, but the wedding was canceled; Newsday reports, "Police have said that Le's fiance, Jonathan Widawsky of Huntington, a graduate student in physics at Columbia University, is not considered a suspect and that he is in New Haven cooperating with police." And Yale said reports (from the Post and a Fox affiliate) suggesting a professor was a suspect were "typical Fox News hysterical headline[s]."