A Cape Cod shark who does not subscribe to Bruce's vegetarian philosophy snacked on a seal this week, as sharks do, but he managed to terrify human swimmers and cause the beach to shutter briefly in the process.

The hungry shark made his move on Cape Cod's Nauset Light Beach on Wednesday, bloodying the water as he lunched on the unsuspecting seal. Homo sapien beachgoers spotted the red and freaked out. "All of a sudden the lifeguards were like 'Get out of the water! Get out of the water!''' human swimmer Shelby Carney told local station WCVBTV. "We didn't see the fin of the shark, but we saw the seals booking it the opposite way. All the other seals were gone."

The seals weren't the only ones who feared being turned into shark food—lifeguards cleared the beach for an hour. And though it's not...crazy...for a shark to be in ocean water, and/or for a shark to eat an ocean animal, lifeguards say it's unusual for sharks to feast so close to swimmers.

Anyway, if you see a shark, don't bother it.