2005_03_mathproblems.jpgGotta love that the Department of Education handed out math test prep materials filled with spelling, grammatical, and, yes, math errors. Of course, the main problem is that the Department of Ed didn't have a copy editor with a math degree checking the book, but it seems to symbolize the problems with bureaucracy. The NY Times had a graphic (left) of some of the incorrect questions; the Daily News has noted the one that asked "students to circle the figure that shows a line of symmetry. All the answers feature a figure that shows a line of symmetry." Gothamist would be rolling on the floor with laughter, but we feel so bad for all the NYC city kids, who get ulcers because they are so freaked out by testing. And if you think that the kids might not realize that some of the answers were wrong, the cover of the fourth-grade manual said, "Mathematics Planning for the Forth [Fourth] Grade." Nice one! Deputy Schools Chancellor Carolyn Farina said, "We have a clear protocol for review of all materials. In this case, a member of my staff inexcusably failed to follow our protocol, and I have written a letter of reprimand to the person's file," but, really, only one person was checking over this stuff? Please.