As if sending a disproportionate amount of money to the Federal Government's coffers weren't enough, New Yorkers could get screwed again. That's if a proposed tax plan by the Bush Administration goes through. As much as $37 billion worth of deductions that New York residents take for local and state taxes would be eliminated under the plan. The New York Times reports that 38% of New Yorkers take some federal deduction for their state and local taxes. The cuts would mean $5,600 less in deductions for 2.5 million households with income under $100,000. A concerted effort to screw New Yorkers, other states that voted against President Bush, or just an effort to cut taxes (some economists say this proposal would offset another change in the tax code)?

If news of that proposal wasn't bad enough, the pork from Washington D.C. is headed to plenty of places, with little money to New York. The Daily News has a plentiful list of where the money went, including to some projects in New York City. To this, Congressman Jerrold Nadler says, "There's kosher pork, and then there's unkosher pork."

Gothamist has always been a fan of the kosher pork, send more pork our way!!