The JetBlue Terminal at JFK Airport was closed for 30 minutes on Wednesday morning when an airport security screener noticed a gun in a passenger's bag—and then the passenger fled. And that caused six flight delays and eight flight cancellations! According to the Daily News, "Junior Almonte, 30, did his best to avoid arrest - running off without his bag, wallet and shoes - when the gun was found in his bag, sources said. He fled the terminal and hid out for several hours, surrendering several hours later with the help of his lawyer."

TSA screeners had alerted the Port Authority police of the discovery at 8:15 a.m. but Almonte disappeared before the PA cops could question him. Almonte was headed to Puerto Rico; authorities don't believe he was trying to hijack the plane but the investigation is continuing. In the meantime, Almonte was charged with gun possession and possession of stolen property. Oh, yea, the gun was stolen, with the serial number scratched off.

One passenger, traveling with a three-year-old, was pissed her flight to Syracuse was canceled, telling the News, "This is stupid on stupid. I'm so angry. I could have driven there by now. Everyone is so jumpy, but they don't realize how shutting everything down like this inconveniences real people." Yeah, precautions suck.

In May, a man was arrested for trying to board a JetBlue flight from Puerto Rico to Boston with "a stun gun, a pepper spray canister, four box cutters, and a switch blade knife," as well as "two lighters, six batteries, a button device attached to a wire that gives a charge when pressed, a flight simulator program, scissors, three boxes of matches, and New York city information cards."