2005_03_scratch.jpgAfter the Daily News has made hay with their Scratch'N'Win promotions (they write regular features about winners whose dreams come true because of the DN promotion), it's sort of hilarious to read that their sweepstakes fulfillment company screwed things up by sending the wrong "winning" answers to be published, making many New Yorkers falsely believe that they had won $100,000. Both Newsday and the NY Times interviewed people who could scarcely believe their luck ("Hawaii was mentioned a few times" and "It was too good to be true") and then realized that their luck was non-existent...and the luck turned into pure rage against the Daily News, who claimed that they weren't responsible for D.L. Blair's problems:

The Daily News blamed Saturday's error, in which the number 13 was printed instead of 12, on contest administrator D.L. Blair of Garden City. The correct numbers are 9, 7, 5, 15, 12, 10, 1, 4, 3, 2. Under the contest rules, a player scratches off the boxes on the game card that correspond to the day's numbers. If three of the boxes have the same dollar value, then that's the money awarded to the player. Only one $100,000 award is available each week, along with 2,500 prizes of lesser amounts.

It seems like many people thought they won (the NY Times says a "flood of would-be winners" had their dreams dashed), and the cable installers, homeless people, and car service phone operators among them are crying foul and will probably try to demand some sort of remuneration. Whenever Gothamist has tried to play the Daily News Scratch 'N' Win, we're always one number short of winning, so our heart thanks us for skipping it yesterday. Gothamist expects the NY Post to be front and center with their cause.