Two days ago, the NYPD briefed hundreds of security types from city businesses to discuss what it knew from the London bombings - which led to local news items about how everyday items like bleach were used. Now Scotland Yard is upset, saying that Commissioner Kelly should not have disclosed any details from the investigation. Mayor Bloomberg defended the NYPD's actions, saying, "We have a responsibility to make this city as safe as we can. That includes informing the people who manage and run the buildings in this city." The NYPD claims it used information that was unclassified. The NYPD's aggressiveness under Police Commissioner Kelly is sort of breathtaking; there was that New Yorker feature on him and the NYPD a few weeks ago that said he dispatched detectives to London as soon as he had word of the bombings, and a few hours later, the Feds told him not to get involved, so Kelly could only say too late.