brandr.jpgSome former lovers just can't help but leave an indelible impression on a guy, no matter how many years they've been broken up. A judge thought that 23-year-old Kristina Caban definitely should not have, when she kidnapped her ex- and marked him on his abdomen with a homemade branding iron at the Chelsea Inn. She was sentenced to five years in prison for the crime.

In October 2006, Caban arranged to meet Samir Sara for a drink at the Half King on 23rd St. Two years earlier, Sara had sex with Caban once and blew her off, never calling her again. The snub apparently lingered and instead of a follow-up booty call, Sara found himself the subject of a bizarre plot involving Caban's then-boyfriend Robert Testagrossa, another man, and a red hot branding iron fashioned in the shape of an "R" from metal wire.

Caban took Sara back to the Chelsea Inn, where he was pounced on by the two men, who subdued him with a stun gun, duct taped him, and then proceeded to heat the brand and burn the 4"-high insignia onto his abdomen. They left him trussed in the Chelsea hotel room.

Caban was allowed to graduate from the School of Visual Arts, despite her 2007 conviction of the crime. Testagrossa, whose parents are both prosecutors (his father is the Queens Executive ADA who prosecuted the Sean Bell shooting cops), was sentenced in February. The second man is still being sought.