In February, the State Liquor Authority suspended the liquor license for Scores West, the West Chelsea exotic club where some employees were arrested for prostitution. Now, in the latest chapter of Scores West vs. the law enforcement, the Post reports that the manager for Scores West was "roughed up by lawmen" and is now in the hospital!

Manager Harvey Osher, other Scores employees and supporters were meeting with the State Liquor Authority, where a strange incident seems to have unfolded. Osher, some lawyers and two others went into a room for a hearing. But, according to a Scores employees who was waiting outside (the hearing room was too small to hold everyone), the "the cops told them they couldn't leave the room."

However, since a lawyer advised Osher et al. that they could leave since they weren't under arrest, they left the room and a cop allegedly pushed Osher, who fell and started to vomit. His foot was also "caught between the floor and the elevator door," and he was treated at St. Luke's for a possible heart attack. The Post has a photo of him in his hospital bed, and apparently the NYPD says the SLA was involved, while the SLA says they weren't.

The SLA rescheduled a meeting from today to tomorrow due to weather - wonder if Scores' status will be discussed?