Last year

Vespa drivers were removing their license plates and scratching off their VIN numbers in order to avoid getting ticketed for illegally parking. Now the NY Post reports that motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts have formed a task force!

The drivers of these machines say they can't park on blocks with muni-meters because there's nowhere for them to secure the receipt — something they call out as vehicular discrimination. They are also sad that their bikes sometimes get damaged and knocked over when they park.

Cheryl Stewart of Red Hook is the head of the New York Motorcycle and Scooter Task Force and hopes to convince the Department of Transportation to make accommodations for motorcycles, Vespas and scooters. Ideally, she is aiming at free parking in any muni-meter zone "until the city sets aside special metered parking for us." However, the DOT says the city does hand out special muni-receipt holders upon request.

Maybe something can be worked out once bikes stop revving their engines and cutting through traffic?