2007_08_arts_scientology.jpgThe blog Boy Culture ran into (an all too common these days) "Travolting display" in the subway system over the weekend. Scientologists! The religioncult "legendarily opportunistic Church Of Scientology" is back underground giving out free stress tests.

Though police kicked them out in 2005 for violating New York City Transit rules about vending in the subways, it seems they've still had a presence down there and, from this photo (taken in late 2006), they're still selling Dianetics (translated in 50 different languages, no less).

The Scientologists continue on their quest to make more cash and recruit new members this way, which is quite a different approach from getting a Scientology artist to integrate plugs for the religion on the MTA's centennial posters (circa 2004). For many the tables have become a familiar site during the morning commute, but is anyone drinking the Kool-Aid aside from tourists who don't seem to realize this is more than a free test? And is it a smart move to position recruitment tables in one of the most stressful city environments?

There's an equally crazy test online here, for those interested, and for those who want the group out of the way, send the MTA a little note telling them the Scientologists and their stress tests are stressing you out.

The Jews for Jesus also took their campaign to the MTA's subway posters last year.

UPDATE: The Scientologists have also just purchased property in Harlem.

Photo via Jakob Lodwick's Flickr.