A bill banning bath salts passed the Senate and is currently awaiting the president's signature. “This bill closes loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to circumvent local and state bans and ensures that you cannot simply cross state lines to find these deadly bath salts," Schumer says in a release. "We have seen bath salts catalyze some of the most heinous crimes in recent months and President Obama’s signature will ensure that the federal government can fight this scourge with a united front," Soon bath salts will be classified as a Schedule I drug, one that cannot be prescribed "under any circumstances." Just like marijuana.

Schumer's bill also bans synthetic marijuana, which has been illegal in New York for several months now. We applaud this ban on the most pointlessly terrible drugs we've ever seen. But now that bath salts—bath salts, people—are the same in the eyes of the law as marijuana, taking cannabis off the list of Schedule I drugs should seem even more obvious. Tell the Senator how you feel here.