Still angry that a student accused of attacking a fellow student at Binghamton University is avoiding U.S. authorities by staying in Serbia, Senator Charles Schumer said the U.S. should withhold $50 million in aid to the county. However if Serbia turns over Miladin Kovacevic (pictured), it is welcome to the money.

U.S. diplomatic officials had asked that Kovacevic, who allegedly beat Bryan Steinhauer into a coma in May, be returned to the U.S. by August 1, but nothing happened. Kovacevic managed to flee the country when the Serbian vice consul bailed him out and gave him an emergency passport. The Serbian government said it would help the U.S., but hasn't really done much (apparently extradition is against Serbian law). Additionally, Kovacevic and his parents are claimed they are being victimized.

In a press conference yesterday, Schumer said, "That deadline has now come and gone, and since they won't act, we now will. We have now formally begun the process to put pressure on the Serbian government to finally act, rather than just talk.... We will ramp the pressure up and up and up until Serbia hands him over."