Even though it was widely thought to be one of the worst economic decisions in the tri-state area, we were willing to leave New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's choice not to move forward with the ARC trans-Hudson tunnel in 2010 and start the year fresh. But Senator Chuck Schumer just can't let go! At a Crain's Breakfast forum he blasted the Governor for his "terrible, terrible decision" and for "sacrificing the growth of region's future for the exigencies of the moment." He said:

Historians may well look back at this decision—to put a stop to the largest transit project in the country—as a turning point, as a moment that the region, and the nation, stopped looking towards the future. If we do not continue to build grand projects, to seek the solutions that are necessary for ensuring our economic future, I fear we will end up paralyzed, at best treading water, as our competitors overseas pull further and further ahead. I've been surprised that there hasn't been a greater outcry over the end of this project. Senator Lautenberg, to his credit, has spoken up loudly and frequently. But we need more voices speaking up, to make clear to the Governor the importance of this project, and that we hope, with all due respect, that he will reconsider.

He also accused Christie of "cannibalizing" Port Authority funds for what he believes is a "maintenance project," something Port Authority chief Christopher Ward disagreed with. He told the Daily News. Christie pulled tunnel plans because, "New Jersey has gone for too long and for too many decades ordering things that they can't pay for," and hired a lawyer to sue the Federal Transit Administration for demanding the state repay $271 million already invested in the project. But remember, now Mary Pat Christie won't be inconvenienced.