2007_09_schumersec.jpgSenator Charles Schumer issued another annual report card grading the Department of Homeland Security's efforts. The good news is that the grade is up from last year's C-minus. The bad news is that Schumer still gave it a C, noting, "Six years after 9/11, the progress the Department of Homeland Security has made in securing our country is shameful," and "When your kid comes home with a C on his report card on something vital, you're not very happy...That is not a grade we can be proud of."

Schumer gave many areas poor grades. He gave an F for preparedness and response; as WABC 7 reports, it means "communication handicaps rescue workers experienced on 9/11 have still not been adequately fixed." Schumer gave mass transit a D+, border security a C, nuclear/chemical/ biological security a B-, airport security a C+ and port security a C-.

Schumer believes that Homeland Security has, per AMNY, "a lack of focus, funding and follow-through." A Homeland Security spokesman responds that the department is focusing on nuclear or radioactive threats, "It's quite easy for a member of Congress to come up with a convenient sound bite and say we have to protect all people in all places all the time but that's unreasonable."