To summarize recent news on the embattled Citi Bike front: The program is in financial turmoil, falling into disrepair, lost its general manager getting bought by Donald Trump. (No, this was a lie perpetrated by the wicked minds at WNYC and Transportation Alternatives, who we thought we could trust. Truly keep your enemies close and your meticulously filed kickstand shiv closer, know what I mean?

But there is some hope—real hope, not a manufactured web of lies—for Citi Bike's continued success. Senator Charles Schumer today proposed an amendment to a tax bill that would offer a tax break for those who commute by Citi Bike, much like the exclusion already available for those traveling by mass transit, car or their own bicycles. If passed, employees whose jobs count Citi Bike as a commuting expense could deduct $20 each month from their income for tax purposes.

"Bike share programs are an efficient, healthy, and clean form of mass transportation, and they should be treated the same way under the tax code as we treat car and mass transit commuters," Schumer said in a statement. "It makes no sense for cars, trains, buses, and private bicycles to be covered by this program but not bike shares, and this legislation will fix that."

The bill will be debated this week.