Senator Charles Schumer had his Sunday press conference decrying prescription drug price-gouging, but since this is Columbus Day, he's having ANOTHER one today about a Long Island Rail Road passengers' bill of rights, spurred by the September 29 lightning strike that made commuting a mess. His office said it would be "similar to a passenger's bill of rights established for the airline industry, to provide baseline protections for passengers of Long Island's commuter rail system."

According to WCBS 2, this is what Schumer's LIRRBOR will include:

- The LIRR will be required to notify passengers of delays
- The LIRR will be required to provide information of alternative transit options
- The LIRR will be required to let passengers off stranded rail cars

The LIRR already does offer updates and alternate transportation info via its email to passengers and Tweets, and the LIRR says letting passengers off of train cars isn't that simple, given the third rail (so passengers who have been stranded for hours are threatened with arrest for trying to leave). And one MTA employee told WCBS 880, "You can introduce any ‘Bill of Rights’ you want, but if you don’t have hourly employees on, ready to help, what good is a bill of rights?" Oh, snap.