While President Obama's call to tax the wealthy at the same proportion of the middle class is strongly supported by moderates and independents, politicians of all stripes whose districts have moats around them aren't so sure about this whole "fairness" thing. Among them is important apple juice-purifier Chuck Schumer, who told CBS, “$250,000 makes you really rich in Mississippi but it doesn’t make you rich at all in New York." Indeed: the check average at the Whole Foods on Bowery last month was $245,325.

Though Schumer told the Daily News that, "The American people are so strongly with us," on tax reform, he believes "there ought to be some kind of scale based on the cost of living on how much you pay." Even if there was a referedum in favor of the issue, Schumer would probably challenge the results in court anyway.

Rep. Peter King, however, stuck to an old favorite in his denouncement of the plan: "It's wrong to raise taxes on a downturn because you're raising taxes on the people who are going to create jobs." Yeah, we remember our first job at Gino's Hardware & Private Equity Firm, and probably wouldn't have gotten hired if taxes were as high as Obama wants them to be.

At least the New York pols didn't sound as bad as House Speaker John Boehner, who said, "I don't think I would describe class warfare as leadership…Giving the federal government more money would be like giving a cocaine addict more cocaine." Or a cigarette addict more cigarettes? Or a glowing, orange mound of baseball mits a tanning bed?