Senator Charles Schumer is speaking out against a bill that would allow people from states where concealed gun are legal to carry their concealed weapons in states where concealed guns are illegal. He said, "Right now you walk down the streets in New York or Nassau County or Westchester County, you can have the solace of knowing that if someone has a gun on them, they've gone through a rigorous background check. After this law, you can have no such comfort." The bill was proposed by Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota); the Washington Post has an editorial explaining, "It would make concealed-carry permits akin to driver's licenses. If you meet the requirements for concealed carry in your home state, your permit would be honored in another... Conservatives usually argue against the federal government telling states what they can and can't do. If approved, the Thune amendment would trample all over the rights of states and cities to enforce reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. There are already enough guns on America's streets. A vote for Mr. Thune's bill would make them that much more dangerous."