Daniel Schuler now says that he plans to extract DNA from his wife's toothbrush in order to ensure the validity that autopsy results indicating his wife Diane was drunk and high when she caused the Taconic crash that killed eight. Sounding slightly conspiratorial, Schuler's private investigator told reporters, "That'll give us her exact makeup that is almost indisputable... we can be assured that the lab test samples - blood, urine, eye fluid - to make sure that the sample that they're about to test is Diane Schuler's." Meanwhile relatives of the two Bastardi victims who died in the crash continued to snap back at Schuler's Larry King appearance, saying they're "tired of hearing it" and wondering, "Is he out to make us feel worse than how we feel?" They took particular offense to Schuler lawyer Dominic Barbara's claim that "60 percent of America" thinks Diane Schuler wasn't drunk. Michael Bastardi's daughter Rosann Guzzo said, "Did he just go out and interview 10 people in a bar?...Read the blogs. Most of the people agree with the Bastardis and the Longos and the facts from the state police, the DA and the Medical Examiner."