This is our regular update following the reopening of NYC schools for Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021.

Here's the latest:

The Learning Bridges program that offers free childcare for working parents will now accept students who are enrolled in full-time remote learning.

The program launched in September as a partnership between the city and community groups like the YMCA of Greater New York. Seats were initially offered to students who were in blended learning so that their working parents would have supervised childcare on remote learning days. The program serves students 3K to 8th grade.

But despite a stated goal of offering 100,000 seats by the end of 2020, the program has reportedly been underutilized -- the Daily News reported only 17 out of more than 450 locations are at capacity, and 44,000 families have been offered seats in the program.

Listen to reporter Sophia Chang's radio story for WNYC:

The Department of Education said the Learning Bridges program will prioritize fully-remote students whose parent or guardian is an essential worker, live in temporary housing or NYCHA developments, in foster care or are students with disabilities.

The children of DOE staff and teachers, as well as the kids of Learning Bridges staffers, will also be prioritized.

In November, the DOE acknowledged that some students with disabilities who would otherwise qualify for Learning Bridges did not get seats because not all the Learning Bridges providers are equipped to work with children with disabilities. The DOE says the program can now accommodate students with special needs -- “If your child has a disability and may need additional support, talk to your Learning Bridges program.”

“This decision allows us to address the fluctuating child care needs of priority populations during this crisis. Work situations change, as well as access to child care,” the DOE said in a statement Wednesday.

The program will continue to add more locations and seats on a rolling basis, the DOE said.