Children try to high five the stiff Mayor Bloomberg; Photo - Joseph Reyes,

Yellow school buses and more kids on the subway tells all of New York that school is back in - much to the relief of some parents who have had to watch their kids for an extra four days, with the later-than-usual school year start. The sweeping changes that Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Klein have made will be tested this year, but issues like student safety and trying to transferring children from bad city schools, not to mention overall budget issues for the country biggest school system. The City Council has called for an anti-bully measure at schools, but the Mayor thinks it's a stupid idea, saying it's the teachers' and principals' call, not a judge's, when "horseplay gets out of hand...You cannot force the teachers or the principals to follow some script. They are professionals, and you have to leave it up to them to do it." But Gothamist thought that the Mayor was trying to get teachers to follow a script with other measures, like ending social promotion. But have faith, kiddies, it turns out Mayor Bloomberg was a C-student in the fifth grade.

And on a public school topic Gothamist has stomach for: Kids are getting some more health-conscious items on their menu. Gothamist found it interesting that the schools have only finally realized there may be some borough-specific likes and dislikes to foods recently: The school system's food director tells the Post, "Kids in the Bronx might like spicy chicken, where kids in Queens prefer tuna fish. It became clear last year that schools need more flexibility. We recognized that every community is different." We are also intrigued by the schools that will be testing menu items like vegetable patty burgers - we wouldn't want to be the clean-up crew in that cafeteria.

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