A 60-year-old Department of Education employee was taken by police to Bellevue for a psych evaluation on Wednesday after he reportedly told cops he was obsessed with alleged Colorado mass murderer James Holmes. Whoops.

According to NBC, police were called to the DOE's Brooklyn technology offices after they received complaints of the employee's suspicious activity. They say they found the man's desk and computer screen covered in photos of Holmes—but not the man himself.

Instead they found the DOE employee at his home, where he had apparently been drinking (and possibly, sources tell NBC, popping pills). There the man told police he was obsessed with the alleged Dark Knight shooter. "He told police Holmes reminded him of him when he was younger and that he sympathized with the accused killer because he doesn't like his co-workers, sources familiar with the investigation said." And then at some point the man allegedly "lunged" at the cops in his apartment, at which point he was taken into custody and brought to Bellevue.

It's not clear why the man lunged, but sources say there doesn't appear to be any kind of threat. Police searched his home out of an abundance of caution and concern for potential copycat style attacks. No weapons or any other threats were found, and the employee did not make any threats against anyone, sources said.

It does not appear that any charges will be filed. "DOE is cooperating fully with the police investigation," a spokesperson said.