2007_06_joelklein.gifSchools Chancellor Joel Klein offered his opinion of the Brooklyn school situation that raises questions about racial quotas set in place 33 years ago. Eleven-year-old Nikita Rau was rejected from the competitive IS 239/Mark Twain School in Coney Island because her admissions test scores were too low: Her 79 was lower than the 84.4 average score minority students need; white students may be admitted with scores of 77 or lower.

Klein said, "I think probably that court order is no longer necessary," referring to a 1974 federal ruling that required IS 239 to desegregate and have 40% minority students and 60% white students. Since the Supreme Court is hearing two cases that involve school quotas, Klein says the Department of Education will "take action we think is appropriate" depending on how the court rules. Rau's lawyer said that she'll wait for the Supreme Court decision as well.

The Sun reports that the public school population in that school district is only 32% white. And the Post has an editorial calling school quota cockamamie.

Animated Joel Klein from a Take Your Parents to Vote Day video