Okay, so the school Bake Sale is on its way out, and with that the kiddies vending machines will also be trimmed of their fat. The NY Times reports that under their new regulations the Department of Education are stocking up schools with healthier choices; "New vending machine contracts expected to be approved on Wednesday could mean less junk food — and less money for schools."

One contract will require that drinks sold in elementary and middle schools have less than 10 calories per eight ounces; in high schools it's 25 calories or less per eight ounces. On top of that, no artificial sweetener is allowed, and drinks will have to be caffeine-free or non-carbonated. As for snacks, there will be calorie, fat and sugar content limits.

The schools will take around the same cut as they have in the past, 30% of the revenue—however, they fear that healthier options will lead to fewer sales. One critic of the new policy asks: “If they were so concerned with student health, why would they focus on this instead of making sure that all students have a basic gym class?” Or, like, both!