The Department Of Education already officially investigated Principal John Chase Jr. of Bronxdale High School after he allegedly made at least three remarks about oral sex to female staffers last fall. And even though Chase was found to have regularly made "inappropriate sexual comments," he was only disciplined with a letter of reprimand and sensitivity training. Well, the DOE is really coming down on him now—they've demoted him to Assistant Principal at another school. That'll, um, teach him!

Chase told students at Bronxdale High School on Tuesday that he and the DOE came to a "mutual decision" that he should serve as assistant principal at a yet-to-be-determined school. "It was just an agreement that it would be best for him to do it right now," Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott told NY1. Could this have anything to do with the fact the DOE is now investigating NEW claims by a 15-year-old girl that Chase made comments that made her uncomfortable?

According to a Sept. 19, 2011 police report, Chase told one school staff member, “We have a fancy copy machine that does all sorts of things. It even has a hole to stick your dick in for a blow job." In addition, Chase talked about a hole in the wall—left behind by phone repairmen—with great enthusiasm, because he said it meant he could shove his member into it whenever he wanted. But alas, Chase will now have to shove his proverbial member into some other school's hole in a lesser role.