"We got into a fight about him cheating on me. I cut him with a box cutter, and he punched me in the face," 41-year-old Lisa Gibbs told cops after she was arrested Oct. 30th. "I punched her in the face because I was defending myself when she tried to cut me with the box cutter," her husband Christopher Binns, 34, told police. There's not much more to add—except that Gibbs is also a public school principal at Brooklyn's School for Global Studies. The school might ring a bell if you recall the great laxative prank of 2008 that went so terribly wrong.

Last year three seniors at the high school offered their teachers some slices of homemade cake baked with laxatives, as a zany end-of-the-year gag. The stunt landed two teachers in the hospital, and it was later revealed that the kids got the idea from watching MTV’s prank-reenactment show High School Stories. (Charges against them were eventually dropped.) As for the principal and her husband, the Daily News reports that the couple now has his and hers rap sheets: she's charged with five misdemeanors for allegedly cutting Binns on the chest, arms and neck; he's facing domestic violence charges.