2005_11_15_Bollinger.jpgOh Chronicle of Higher Education, once a year we turn to you to find out what kind of crazy compensation the executives of our nations educational institutions are making (every year they make a bit more!). And this year you haven’t let us down. Of course since we don’t subscribe to the Chronicle we have to depend on those who do to let us know who is making what. Good thing then that there is a Daily News recap.

So, who makes the most in New York? That’d be Theresa Bischoff of NYU Hospital Center with a salary of $945,930, followed by NYU Prexy John Sexton whose salary last year was $897,139. But those are private Universities. What the public sector? The top earner in the public arena was CUNY’s Matthew Goldstein who made $448,800 this year. That “includes $50,000 in private dollars and a taxpayer-funded $7,500-a-month housing allowance!” (Guess he didn’t get Jake’s memo). Behind Goldstein is SUNY Albany President Kermit Hall who made a tidy $371,000 plus $36,000 in deferred compensation.

Of course these people are being paid to fundraise, not exactly a cheap activity, but those salaries are still, not shockingly, way more then we’re making... What do you think about how much these guys are making?