2008_05_azure.jpgConcerns about school overcrowding dovetailed into condominium construction plans at 331 East 91st Street, where a crane collapse this morning left at least one person dead.

The developers of the proposed Azure condo ("The Elegant Choice") got lease rights to the land after agreeing to build the new home of PS 151. According to the Daily News, the Dematteis Organization and Mattone Group paid a $111.9 million for a lease "in exchange for assuming the $45 million cost of building the new East Side Middle School."

Residents and city officials alike are angered by the accident. City Councilman Tony Avella said, "Construction of buildings is out of control in this city. How many people have to die before the mayor decides enough is enough?" And this building boom is also one cause of overcrowding in the schools, as young tenants need places to study.