Today the Department of Education introduced new school hours that will give extra time for students who need tutoring. Parents and pundits are wonderig why the new changes are happening in the middle of a semester, versus the calendar year or a new school years, but this just seems like the usual DoE wackiness. Plus the DoE decided that the extra school period should be 37.5 minutes long, which makes Gothamist wonder if DoE doesn't like to round up. (It's actually because the DoE is using 150 minutes a week, over four days, to devote to the tutoring.)

This made us think about ways we could help kids. NY Cares has some great volunteer opportunities. For instance:

Join a book club for youth, ages 12 to 15, at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, a community center on the Upper West Side. Participants and volunteers will read one young adult book a semester and discuss, analyze, and write on topics related to the book. (7pm - 8pm: 7 vols.; weekly commitment through May.)

This gig would start in March and actually sounds fun.