The wrinkle in the wonderful news that NYC schools do deserve billions of dollars in extra funding gets more focus today, as the media wonders how NY State will shoulder shelling out billions more each year to the state's (and country's) largest school system. Besides deep budget cuts, other possibilities involve raising or keeping taxes, like raising the surcharge tax on incomes of more than $100,000 ($150,000 for couples) or keeping the sales tax on clothing under $110. Someone from a conservative fiscal policy group tells the NY Times, "All the ingredients are there for a really big mess. I think it is easily building up to one of the worst situations we have seen in recent history. We're looking at a bad situation in a growing economy, which is really pathetic." Tell us how you really feel, man. Gothamist guesses that funds will go to NYC schools, but maybe not as much as the recommendation outlines, and there will be more tax repurcussions as well that will piss off Upstaters as well as NYers.

NYC Department of Education Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has given his "wish list" of what would happen if the NYC school system gets the money: More pre-K programs and smaller classes are top priority, plus recruiting more teachers and incentive rewards for those teaching at lower-performing schools; better security and more technology resources are part of later phases.