Gothamist loves you, Daily News Graphics Department. In reporting how Schools Chancellor Joel Klein issued a memo saying there would be no Halloween celebrations in the schools - as in, no costumes, candy, or parties - they Photoshoppped an image of Klein that made us wonder for more than a moment if he'd been beaten up by frustrated parents whose kids couldn't get into the schools they wanted. Even better is hearing that "Students at PS 153 were crying and banging their fists on desks yesterday morning when the principal announced that today's costume parade and trick-or-treating through classrooms had been canceled." Nice work, Klein! You make little kids cry! Principals have been getting around the order by having "Harvest Festival" activities, and it turns out the Klein really meant "Children not in high school can wear costumes in school." That's because Halloween has traditionally been a very bad day for many NYC public school kids - it's the free-for-all for bullies to harrass other students.