The Department of Education is going to install satellite tracking in school buses next year. According the NY Post, the DoE thinks that installing GPS tracking will "reduce delays, calm anxious parents and manage fleets more effectively." Because current tracking is done via Ma Bell. The DoE will have to work with about 50 different bus vendors to set up the system over its 6,300 buses. Our question is whether or not the tracking devices will also have heat sensors, to make sure no more kids are left in the school bus by accident (there are about three stories like that each year!).

And did you realize you could rent school buses for various events, like, say a wedding? This should be the new cool thing kids do: Rent school buses to go the prom. Some kids got into some trouble with school buses in Chicago and a school bus accident is the main season-long storyline on the best show ever*, Veronica Mars.

*With a spunky modern-ironic age Nancy Drewish spin on crime solving - even if it is set in California