Yesterday afternoon, a school bus driving in the middle of Park Slope caused a big crash. According to Newsday, the "bus driver, heading south on Seventh Avenue near Union Street, crossed the double yellow line and struck a parked Mercedes, the force of which damaged three other cars." Then witnesses said the bus driver "gunned it in reverse," hitting three other cars; tree was also hit and storefronts were damaged.

The school bus driver and bus matron were the only people injured. The photographs from Newsday show a pretty crazy scene - somehow the bus got into the northbound lane, and manage to wedge a maroon car under a black Jeep!

And a 95 year old man died in an accident on Northern Boulevard in Queens. The Post reports Montague Levy "drove his Lincoln into a Dodge, sending it careening into a school bus." Levy died, possibly of a heart attack, and no other were injured.

Video by Shawn Liu on Vimeo.