The Department of Education ended up cutting less school bus routes than expected, but the changes are still causing some big problems with only one week of notice. For instance, what if you were the kid who had previously been picked up at 7:05AM, but now have to get a bus at 5:28AM? That's what's happening to a child who lives in East New York, if he want to take his school bus to PS 29 in Cobble Hill. And teachers wonders why students are tired in class?

Parents are upset that their bus routes are being dropped, leaving their children (even ones as young as 5!) to use mass transit. One parent tells the Post, "There's no way my [10 year old] son is using a Metrocard to take a city bus to school - he's end up on Wall Street." Other DOE hilarity includes bus drivers being fired and then rehired over the weekend.

The DOE hopes to save $20 million with the changes.