2006_10_schoolbus.jpgStart of the school year, start of stories about bad bus drivers. Four year old Lizette Rodriguez, headed to Forest Park Day Camp in Queens, fell asleep in a school bus, and the driver, Maricela Fernandez, left the bus without her, thinking that all the children got off. Fernandez parked the bus, went to get coffee and left for home. But someone walking on the street called 911 after seeing sleeping Lizaette inside, and Fernandez was arrested for child endangerment.

Fernandez told reporters, "I check everyday. Every time except for today." Well, d'oh! Little Lizette, who was taken to a hospital for examination and seemed very camera-and-question ready, said, "I'm sad. I was on the bus alll alone. I got left alone on the bus."

Speaking of school buses, the Department of Education announced that it spends $20 milllion on bus services that don't actually get used by students. Other stories of badly behaving bus drivers: The school bus driver who duct taped a child on board and the driver who started a school bus-time fight club.