Of all of New York City's festering exit wounds, Penn Station is arguably the most septic. On any given day, but particularly around the holidays, and specifically on Thanksgiving Eve, this place can get a little gangrenous. And, we're going to assume, really specifically on a Thanksgiving Eve when there is also a Rangers game. BYO gauze!

Since so many people take a half day on Thanksgiving Eve, and so many people need to get to New Jersey or Long Island or wherever else this portal can take you, Penn Station becomes the nexus of holiday travel hell.

Yet tonight, for some reason, hell froze over a little bit. Gothamist's Christopher Robbins passed through Penn Station late this afternoon and reports, "I've seen it worse. NJ Transit was breathable. You can see the floor!"

On the other hand, commuter Janet Freedman fumed, "I do this every fucking year! What the fuck is wrong with me?" And a reluctant commuter named Ben who declined to give his last name said, "I just broke up with my girlfriend instead of dealing with this mess. I'm going home to play Fallout 76 and order pizza." Hey ladies, sounds like somebody's single...

There were NJ Transit problems on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast lines due to "overhead wire issues" forcing service suspensions in both directions. (As of 5:50 p.m., NJ Transit said trains were moving again on those lines.) The problem? Plastic wrap.

But no serious meltdowns were reported on Amtrak and LIRR as of 5:30 p.m., and Penn Station has yet to go full Children of Men, though that will surely change immediately after we publish this.

Listen, no one can predict how your commute out of here will go, but we've come to expect almost immediate bottleneck situations around this time of year. Imagine a Norman Rockwell painting being pulled from a flaming sewer—you'll want to adjust your expectations of a smooth transition into the holiday to somewhere around that image. And as you navigate your way through a hellish maze of literal hell (a.k.a. other people), remember to hold your phone horizontally and send any documentation to tips@gothamist.com. Godspeed.

Additional reporting by David "Dee" Delgado.