As many columnists have noted, weathering a natural disaster obviously sucks a lot more when you've got modest means. For instance, residents of public housing in Zone A were ordered to evacuate like everyone else in the area, but the city gave them additional motivations by cutting off their water, electricity and heat. Still, some lingered through Sandy's surge, and on Tuesday photographer Grant Ellis stopped by the Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side to see who was left. One family preparing to depart welcomed him into their home, and Ellis shot for about an hour.

Ellis's intimate photos articulate the deep anxiety afflicting many New Yorkers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, personified here in the worried faces of one family grimly preparing to move into a shelter. According to Ellis, Katriana, the mother of 6, has been informed that her building will not have running water, lights, or heat for the next 8 to 14 days. He did not know where they were headed, and by the time he left them, neither did they.