Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants to be mayor if Old Moneybags ever cedes the gilded throne, and did you know he's a compelling candidate? We say that not just because he was on the right side of the Central Park cyclist crackdown, but also because dreamy starlet Scarlet Johansson is joining his campaign. Which will focus about important issues, one assumes. Has anyone really been following along until now?

The actress, who grew up in Greenwich Village, says her grandmother worked with Stringer in the ’80s to expand Mitchell-Lama housing. "Growing up, all my friends lived in affordable housing, which is something that I want to fight to get back," ScarJo tells tells PolitickerNY. "Scott’s been a big advocate of affordable housing. I want my friends back in the city. So I believe in Scott. He’s an awesome guy."

So mark your calendars for October 3rd, when ScarJo will host a Stringer fundraiser at the Jane Ballroom in the West Village. Tickets will go for $50 to $1,000, and the Ghost World star tells the Post she'll also star in campaign ads for Stringer, because "Scott’s passion for New York is contagious." Reached for comment, Stringer said, "I look forward to working closely with her in the years ahead." ScarJo adds, "I love Scott." Jeez, get a room you two. (And take video.)