2006_03_remotecontrol.jpgHoly-moly cow: A man's apartment exploded when he used the remote control! The Post looks at Anthony Howell's lawsuit against his landlord, a construction company that was doing work beneath his Bronx apartment, and Con Ed, and the story is totally crazy. Howell says complained to his landlord about a gas smell for several weeks in 2003 and was so worried he wouldn't even smoke in the apartment. But one day, he used the remote to turn the TV on, and the apartment "exploded into flames, blowing out all the windows," and set him on fire. Howell suffered first and second degree burns and is seeking "unspecified damages." Okay, so note to self: If you smell smoke, do not turn ANYTHING on. In fact, it's probably a good idea to call 311 after you call the gas company and your super/landlord to complain - that way it's on record. The city also recommends you leave if you smell gas.

And who are Howell's lawyers? Jacoby & Meyers - remember those TV ads in the 80s? And a landlord in Brooklyn once hired an unlicensed plumber to do a little work and the plumber forgot to reconnect a gas line, killing a tenant.